Mama Duck


I always wear sunglasses….

Sunglasses are hands down my favorite accessory. They serve two purposes, the first protecting my eyes from lights because I am prone to migraines and the second the fastest, easiest, always fitting fun fashion accessory.

I live in Northern San Diego with my two girls, husband, and a handful of pets. I vacillate between wanting to live in the middle of nowhere with animals growing our own food and living in LaJolla on the beach. Thats me, stuck between to fabulous options so whatever shakes down isn’t a bad option. We don’t have any chickens, yet, so we shop at the Farmers Market whenever possible. I love to cook and all the research, planning, and presentation that it involves. My favorite things to cook and bake, yes I love to do both, are anything that happily feeds a crowd. My love language is to feed you, healthy, delicious, and locally sourced food. I am well known for chilis, soups, breakfast, all things holiday, and coconut cake.

I have two daughters, Orly (4) and Talya (1). We spend our days trying to figure out how to thrive and enjoy each other in all the chaos we can muster up. The mornings are spent eating, playing, walking, and cleaning up. The afternoons are spent participating in activities; horseback riding, violin, piano, yoga, bike riding, hiking, swimming, arts & crafts, hopscotch, party planning.

One of my parenting strengths is the ability to share and educate my girls on all the hard things that life presents. I have chosen an upfront, honest, age appropriate approach. We talk about gun safety, appropriate media, Coronavirus, and all things real. I hope to share these conversations with you sparking more real talk. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out for content suggestions

– Rachel