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I spend the little free time I have searching Pinterests for activities. I am not so secretly hoping these things take up time, little supplies, and can be done independently. Although most photos taken and posted are not only clean, artistic, and inside the lines they are misleading. The Pinterest worthy photos not only are unrealistic but they seem to dismiss everyones best effort. For example a craft that a 1 year old and 4 year old are going to have vastly different outcomes, both beautiful. When I pick a Pinterest craft the end result has very little to do with what I chose. Orly, Talya, and I decided to try our hand at a specific craft and we had not only beautiful outcomes but I engaged them and challenged them each separately.

Orly lives in a world of glitter, gems, rainbows and unicorns. The decor of her stay at home 5th birthday was rainbow unicorns. I decided we would make sun catchers (is that a thing). Basically, I found a craft that we had all the supplies for, seemed engaging and wouldn’t make a mess I couldn’t recover from. This is how we Pinterest around here these days


  • takes up time, the more the better
  • Orly wants to do it
  • have all the supplies at home
  • doesn’t make an enormous mess
  • they can do most of it without my constant help


  • glue/stappler/tape
  • paint (any color that you want the sun to be)
  • cardboard or paper place
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • markers


  1. Pump up how fun this is going to be. Make sure that your kids know that art is something extra special and using multiple mediums like paint, paper and scissors in the coolest
  2. I folded a paper plate in half and stapled
  3. The girls painted the plates while I cut the strips of paper
  4. For my older daughter I put out 6 pieces of construction paper, and had her glue gems corresponding to the dots. For my younger daughter I gave her strips and crayons.
  5. after the plate dried, we taped the pieces to the bottom of the paper plate, added a string to hang, and drew a face.
  6. For extra you can cut out smaller triangles to the circular top of the plate, my older daughter only stayed interested to color a few.
making it engaging for an older child – we decorated with gems that corresponded to the above numbers

All in all… this took longer than expected. It also gave an opportunity for Orly to practice counting, and patience. It was very little mess and almost zero prep time. Talya was less engaged in the painting than I thought but did like coloring the rainbow pieces. She did paint parts of her body and chair that took some elbow grease to clean up.

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