The morning walk

We all know that routine is important. It gives everyone a sense of safety and stability especially during the chaos we are currently living. My commitment to the schedule waxes and wanes as time passes but the one thing I AM ABSOLUTELY STICKING TO is the morning walk.

 David picked her up and put her in that tree

David picked her up and put her in that tree

During this stressful time the morning walk is my calm in the storm. Its the perfect trifecta of physical activity, fresh air, and fun. After breakfast we argue about why we have to go on the walk, I continue that its a non negotiable part of the day, a have to job, and Orly begrudgingly agrees. After putting on shoes, jackets, getting the stroller ready and making sure everyone went to the bathroom we embark. It’s magical the transition as we exit the garage. The girls become inquisitive, excited, and more carefree. The walk up the hill to main road becomes a race. We stop at the Catholic Highschool to pick up trash and look for snails, the way back is a game of red light green light.

Perfectly Imperfect

The walk isn’t perfect. It comes with whining, fighting over everything from the stroller to the snails. Whats perfect for me is the routine. This routine allows me an opportunity to know what’s happening next and so I feel safe. I like the sunshine and fresh air. But most importantly its normalcy before the storm. The calm comes in the storm I know.

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