Family Yoga

The weekday schedule includes a morning walk from 9-10 which seemed like a pretty safe bet when you live in Southern California. Today has been what seems like the hundredth day of nonstop doom and gloom with a side of rain. The morning went fast because my mom was still here but when she left around noon, it became clear that physical exercise for everyone was non-negotiable. I am not a yogi, I’ve never trusted exercise that isn’t hard core cardio, I just don’t love exercise enough to do it without what I perceive to be worth (calorie burn). About 18 months ago David, my husband and I, started doing yoga. We started because we were looking for an activity to do together that wasn’t eating. Over the past year and a half my practice has grown and evolved. I have periods where I love it, periods where I hate it and periods that I do it because I am paying. With all the things going on in the world and my fear based reactions I decided that I am doing yoga no matter what everyday. So, add in the kids being with me 24/7 and now my husband and sister not working I have to get creative. This afternoon we did FAMILY YOGA. I love that people are posting on instagram all these free options, kids yoga, and picture perfect families doing yoga, that’s not us. We are 5 humans with all different desires, levels and patience. David picked a class he was interested in and we just did it. Talya screamed often, Orly stopped after two minutes and drew, I did the best I could. Sometimes yoga and life are like that.

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