Day 1

I am not calling these ideas homeschooling, although I have always fantasized about the idea of homeschooling my children. I am imagine homeschooling to be full of adventures, quality time, life skills and most importantly protection from all the harsh realities of being a kid. I have wanted to home school to control the experience my child has in a way that might not best prepare them for life.

Day 1 Teach at Home

We are using the schedule as a guideline for the days to keep myself sane, the girls in a rhythm and to hopefully get some learning done. We started the morning on a walk, my mom came, because fresh air does the body good. We brought two bags, these were my eldest daughter, Orlys suggestion. The first bag was to collect outdoor treasures that we can use for art, I’ll take any ideas I can at this point. The second bag was for trash, unfortunately even our community (upscale, suburban) has copious amounts of trash. We walked for about an hour round trip, stopping often to look at things, collect roly polys, and complain about how far we’d gone.

When we came home we washed hands and had a snack. Then it was lesson time. I introduced the first two letters of the alphabet. We wrote them, practiced the sound, and then found them in a book. After that we had an hour of creative play (we made a list of options for creative play). Today we made 4 puzzles and then cleaned them up, this took about 40 minutes but we were running behind schedule.

Orly ate lunch, followed by a treat and then vocalized she needed just some play time. Inside I wanted to resist the urge to get off schedule but it ended up being a great restart into chores. She and I decided, together, which gave her an invested interested in the outcome to wash dishes and put away her clean laundry. My mom and her are laying together and reading books before the days is DONE.

The afternoon might include screen time, maybe yoga, possibly a bribe. My intention is only to do the best I can and provide structure which creates safety for my littles!!!

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